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Live longer, safeguard your health and get rid of nicotine from your body in two to three days. Quitting smoking with hypnotherapy is 10 x more effective than attempting it yourself. The reason for this is not just the habitual program that is embedded but because people who smoke have a relationship with it and can be emotionally attached to it. Often friends, family, and social events can evolve around it, so breaking the bonds that tie you to doing it, are not just the habitual side. There are also beliefs and feelings around smoking that need adjusting such as ‘it calms me down’, and these are easily assisted through hypnosis. Imagine if someone said, I’ve got this great product that will make you look age quickly, will rot you on the inside and affect your cells, make you wrinkle more quickly and make you smell, would you be interested in paying for it? I doubt it. Giving up is easy with hypnosis.

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