What is Hypnosis and how the heck does it work?

Hypnosis is a narrowed focus of attention. It is a naturally occurring process that occurs for many reasons. During the night every person enters a trance state during REM sleep, (Rapid Eye Movement). REM sleep updates our knowledge and behaviours. Trance states can also occur under many other circumstances. Such as; during shock, when imagining a future, when a person is experiencing a highly emotional state such as anger or depression, or during times of high anxiety or panic. Basically, you can get locked in a cycle. People can also go into trance with ambiguity or while being lulled. In fact the hypnosis practitioner will also often be in a trance to give a trance.

When we are in trance we are using the right hand side of the brain not the left logical part. The benefit of hypnosis as a change agent, is that it bypasses the conscious mind which might otherwise interfere with our thoughts.

Learning self-hypnosis can have major benefits, like improving anxiety and depression, restoring energy and aiding the immune system. It is also great for sleep. If you want to know more about self hypnosis, give me a call.

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