Vision boards and why you need one

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

Everyone has heard of a vision board, but many people aren’t entirely clear on what one is or what it can do for them. A vision board is a visualisation and reminder tool consisting of images, affirmations, and quotes that can inspire, motivate, and encourage action.

It can be a useful tool to realise goals and dreams if they illicit an emotional response.

A vision board provides important benefits, such as:

  1. Motivation. It can improve motivation, provided it generates positive feelings.

  2. Focus. A vision board is a convenient reminder of what you’re aiming to accomplish.

How to create an effective and exciting vision board:

  1. Set your goals. A vision board requires a specific intention. Be clear on what you want to accomplish.

  2. Use images and photos that spark your creativity.

  3. Decide on a format. Dedicate a wall space or make a traditional poster or use a bulletin board. There are also websites that provide vision board tools. With some options you can view your vision board from anywhere in the world.

  4. Find pictures that represent your goals. Use a printer or cut up magazines or photos.

  5. Choose words, quotes, or slogans.

6. Organize it. Lay your vision board out and choose what feels the best to you.

How to use a vision board effectively:

  1. Look at your vision board at least twice each day. Clear your mind and focus on the images and words that you’ve chosen to represent your objectives. Stand in that future.

  2. Use all your senses. Imagine how great it will feel to finally have those items, experiences, and achievements in your life. What would you see, hear, or potentially taste or smell as well?

  3. List action steps. A vision board is motivating, but the actions you take are ultimately what matters.

4. Update it regularly.

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