So, you think you're not good enough? Think again.

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

We are all subject to negative self-beliefs. Some rise from trauma, shame, bullying or through our own comparisons of self to others. Occasionally our negative self talk takes root from from someone else. But imagine what olympians or CEO's do with their negative thoughts? It's likely they ignore or dispel them, search for the difference between perception versus reality. Being good enough cannot be about comparison, otherwise, when would anyone be good enough? If we were as good as our siblings or friends? Or if we were famous? Or if we were God? Wanting to be good enough must have a full stop somewhere...because it’s a state of mind.

We are all susceptible to being crushed by our poor self talk. Equally we can get past it. If you were changing any bad habit you would first decide it no longer serves you. Then you would find alternative arguments. Perhaps writing a list, remembering the times you showed yourself or were told that you were good enough. Find the evidence to prove the fake chatter wrong. Recall the times you were given praise. Decide that moving forward you will give assistance and complements to others at every valid opportunity. These actions plus thirty minutes of exercise raising your heart rate each day will reward your brain with feel good chemicals. Remember that everything you experience is a learning frame. It's a springboard for feedback from which you can improve. None of us are perfect. We were born to learn, and we are all a work in progress. Now write on your bathroom mirror. 'I am good enough, I am good enough, I am good enough.'

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