Quit the cycle of negativity

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

Did you know our health and well-being is affected by electromagnetic energy? Our body temperature, brainwaves, stomach, gastrointestinal track, cranio-sacral pulse, breath and our heart, all pulsate frequencies and together the vibration, give us our individual tune.

Depression and negative behaviours result in changes to this output. When our bodies vibrate, these vibrations go out to space connected by an energy field of waves. What we send out, comes back affecting us on an energy level.

My question is, who really intends to have their vibration of anxiety or depression or any other negative state reflected back to themselves again and again in a cycle of negativity?

'I do,' said NO-ONE EVER!!

To create change, we need to enhance our vibration. How ?

The answer is in sound. Through the principals of entrainment (where one frequency makes a weaker frequency synchronise ) we can excite cell membranes into geometrical patterns. If we direct harmonious sounds toward our bodies, we are able to optimise our frequency.

Using singing bowls and gongs are one way to achieve this, binaural beats and Baroque music others.

Hypnotherapy can easily address the unconscious mind's habits to create positive change.

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