Feeling stressssssseed out?

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Stress gets to all of us sometimes. If not managed it can follow us around like a bad smell. It infiltrates our immune system affecting the health of our body. It leads us into temptations like alcohol and over eating, and without management it might spiral us into dark places. What can we do about it? Well, our thoughts and feelings release biochemicals into our organs. Therefore it makes sense to change them with uplifting and positive ruminations. Here are some tips to self-regulate:

  • Give your feelings a label - 'Oh that's just my mind making up rubbish stories again.'

  • Change the situation - Leave the room, go for a fast walk, Become fascinated by...anything

  • Reappraise the situation to reduce the effect - ask yourself, 'what would my mother say, or a guru?'

  • Become curious - curiosity trumps anxiety.

  • Become a detached observer of yourself to get perspective.

  • Give something of yourself to another - a complement, a bunch of flowers, a laugh.

  • Practice mindfulness or learn self-hypnosis. (You can get this free from my website

  • http://www.the-healing-space.com.au)

If you want more techniques to change your brain, my self-help book, 'Retrain Your Brain, Stop, Switch, Sustain,' is now available on the Kindle Store.