Everyone stops smoking in the end.

Stopping smoking is inevitable, it will definitely happen. Because it's a relationship you grow out of like you've grown out of a pair of tight school shoes. And smoking squeezes far more than tight shoes ever can. It takes air and blood from vital organs and years of youth from your face.

It's kind of like an abusive relationship or a destructive friendship. Maybe they were fun and flattering at first but then became demanding and manipulative. When you really stop smoking then you are truly liberated from being brainwashed by something. And the only people who really benefit, (the ones that won't get cancer and ruin their health), are the companies who make them. Meanwhile you pay someone else's children's private school fees.

If you could see all those cigarettes you've smoked, staked up together, it would be a mountain. And sometime that mountain might become unstable and collapse and bury you.

Make a change. Live a better life. Stop smoking.

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