Anxiety, fear & the ten-minute reprieve

Updated: May 8, 2021

We all know someone who has anxiety or fear and is living with this hell. The raging stress can cause issues with the immune system. Worse it makes it hard to think clearly. It also brings risks of heart and kidney issues if it raises the blood pressure and for some people, they lose sleep.

Loss of sleep = more stress.

One weird side effect of anxiety is it makes us negative. That’s right, that negativity beast can affect relationships and our view on life. This is because any strong emotion even love creates a bias of reality.

Interestingly, what our brain looks for, it confirms. This is the way intentional attention works. It primes our brain.

If situation A occurs

Then I’ll do B

And Get C

A person in anxiety has primed their brain in a way to see things as fearful and the brain happily will confirm their bias.

For an example, set an intention to notice yellow cars. Suddenly boom! They appear. And a person suffering anxiety, will find threats, even in opportunities.

There are two keys to managing anxiety.

1. Dissociating from it or from an event reduces the imagined fear.

2. For a long-term treatment, regular meditation/relaxation reduces the likelihood of being vulnerable to stress.

Just TEN minutes a day can change your life.

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