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About Kay Lindley

Kay Lindley Registered Hypnotherapist Adelaide

Hypnofit® Master Certified Therapist

Senior Hypnotherapist

Graduate Certificate NLP & Certified trainer

Ad Dip Neuroscience of Leadership

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Diploma

Uncommon Hypnotherapy and Stop Smoking

Certified Practitioner of Ericksonian & Satir Patterns

For 25+ years, I worked in the corporate space leading teams. While people enjoy their work and home lives, stress can and does happen. To help others meet their personal and professional goals, coaching became an important part of my job. I began learning techniques that I could use in and outside of the workplace, eventually taking on private clients to help them achieve their outcomes. I now have a unique blend of therapeutic techniques that I utilise to gain maximum benefit to effect change.

How we can help

Remove Anxiety with hypnotherapy

Anxiety is nature's way of helping us survive, by moving us away from things that can harm us. But sometimes anxiety occurs at inappropriate times, such as during job interviews or when studying for exams. Sometimes it is like a runaway car and gets out of control. If you want peace and calm, I can help.

Feel good enough with hypnotherapy help

Do you suffer from not feeling good enough? You are not alone! This is one of this century's common plagues. Take back your self esteem with Hypnotherapy and be your best.

Hypnotherapy to stop smoking

Having been a smoker I can understand how hard it is to kick the habit. Smoking is like a parasite that leaches and doesn't let go, however hypnotherapy is very successful at helping people quit for good.

Stop binge eating with hypnotherapy

Binge eating is the most recent bad habit trending for adolescents along with the use of anti-depressants. Do you want to remove binge eating and potentially give yourself the best shot at living longer?

Hypnotherapy for the virtual gastric band.

If only losing weight was as easy as putting it on. Gastric band surgery comes with a high price and unnecessary risk but the Virtual Gastric Band has a higher success rate without pain.

Past Life Regression

For those of you who want to clear past life issues or for the curious.

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