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Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Psychology Session

Stop the struggle and remove anxiety from your life: Anxiety is nature's way of helping us survive, it moves us away from things that can harm us. But sometimes anxiety gets out of control such as during job interviews or when studying for exams.  Imagine how it would be to regain your confidence and control of your emotions or to remove fears and phobias?

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Hypnotherapy to Feel Good Enough

Reconnect to your self esteem and feel good enough: Many of us have gone through periods in our lives where we do not feel good enough. This might be through losing a job, a partner or suffering a loss of confidence. Hypnotherapy can help you remove issues that hold you back to regain self love and happiness.

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Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking 

Remove addiction and take back control:

Smoking is like a parasite that leaches and doesn't let go, however hypnotherapy is highly successful at helping people quit for good. Having been a smoker I can understand how hard it is to kick the habit but hypnotherapy makes it easy.

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Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Lose weight and keep it off:  Most of us know it can be hard to lose weight and stay there. Now we have a non surgical approach that has a greater than 90% success rate that can be used on small or large weight loss with no restrictive diets. 


Hypnotherapy for Depression

Regain your happines: All of us can have periods in our lives where we become depressed. Over a longer term period this can create a pattern of negativity that becomes self fulfilling. If you want to cut the cycle we can work with your doctor to change your way of thinking and remove this vicious cycle. 

What our clients say

Thank you Kay Lindley for providing valuable holistic sessions for our daughter Chelsea. As a parent it is concerning and frustrating when your child goes through a challenging time and you don’t know how to help them. Fortunately for us, we were told of your services and we are so grateful. Your kind and compassionate personality helped Chelsea feel very comfortable and encouraged her to open up and talk to you about her worries. Your professional advice, strategies and techniques have been an immense help and she has worked through her current problem and is now continuing to implement them successfully in all areas of  her life.

Tanya and Michael, South Australia

Because sometimes no matter how hard we try, we still need help.

About Kay Lindley

Kay Lindley Registered Hypnotherapist Adelaide

Hypnofit® Master Certified Therapist

Senior Hypnotherapist

Graduate Certificate NLP & Certified trainer

Ad Dip Neuroscience of Leadership

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Diploma

Uncommon Hypnotherapy and Stop Smoking

Certified Practitioner of Ericksonian & Satir Patterns

For 25+ years, I worked in corporates leading teams. To help others meet their personal and professional goals, coaching became an important part of my job. I began learning techniques that I could use in and outside of the workplace. I now have a unique blend of therapeutic techniques that I utilise to gain maximum benefit to effect change. These include fears and phobias, weight loss, anxiety, depression, smoking,
and other challenges.

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